Our training modules are based on International standards blended together with the current curriculum memorandum of nursing in the country, CHED Memo 0rder 14.

Methodologies, which include simulation, used by HCAI, develop not only the technical and procedural skills but stimulate the critical thinking, develop decision making, and heighten the self-confidence of the trainees.

The manner of instruction devotes:

  • 20% of its total time to didactics highlighting core concepts; and
  • 80% skills enhancement which includes:
    • demonstration of the skill by the trainer;
    • guided return-demonstration of the student; and
    • Simulation where students can enhance their critical thinking skills when they encounter different clinical scenarios that require prompt decision making.

The trainer-student ratio is based on CHED Related Learning Experience (RLE) standards which allow students to have one-on-one hands on experience.
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