Executive Summary

Welcome to Healthcare Advantage Institute (HCAI). Although we have several Satellite Offices across the nation, our headquarters is located in the heart of the Philippines, Makati. A mere two-minute walk from the Greenbelt 5 mall, HCAI has grown tremendously over the past 2 years of existence. We have transformed from a 100 sqm office space to a 400 sqm office and 5 satellite locations in 2 quick years.

As you will learn, Healthcare Advantage Institute, is a remarkably progressive thinking and dynamic company. In two short years we have gone from unknown to industry heavyweights linking with several quality institutions along the way, and be assured, several more linkages to come.

The strength of Healthcare Advantage Institute is its “Hands On” interactive Simulation Training, in which all our modules have been infused with International Standards and Best Practices, specifically Joint Commission International. We don’t purchase expensive equipment for trainees to look at or watch their trainers use…the equipment is purchased for the trainees to have actual hands on experience! With our amazing team of Consultants we have been able to put together great courses for modern day skills with the Commission on Higher Education Memorandum 14 and Joint Commission International Standards infused into every module.

HCAI has exceptional quality trainers. We hand pick the best trainers and arm them with all the tools exposure and training necessary to deliver our quality courses. As you read through some of the websites articles you will come across testimonials and life saving experiences that trainees have acknowledged were due to their training in Healthcare Advantage Institute.

The Nurse is the Heart of a hospital…the Filipino Nurse is the Hope and the Heart of the whole Philippines. With this in mind HCAI wants to ensure the continued training and global confidence in everyday nursing skills. We are a Global provider of nurses…and to ensure we continue to provide nurses to the world we have to ensure we stay cutting edge and up to date with trainings in order to close the gap between academe to industry. We don’t want countries such as China and India to overtake us in this regard.

We are excited to share our passion and knowledge for modern day nursing skills with you. If youre looking for a job in an internationally known facility, I suggest you train with us. Training with Healthcare Advantage Institute will give you the cutting edge advantage over your competition.

Armand Q. del Rosario
Healthcare Advantage Institute