Company Profile

Who are We?

Healthcare Advantage Institute (HCAI) is a clinical simulation training facility specializing in hands-on training for healthcare practitioners. Realizing the necessity to help the healthcare industry and seeing the trend of hospitals aiming to become accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI), it is our goal to help close the gap from academe to industry by training healthcare professionals in up-to-date international standards as well as providing healthcare practitioners a venue to hone their skills and competency development. We provide a milieu that is similar to a health care setting with state of the art facilities that allows the trainees to actually perform skills and manipulate equipment sans the risk of hurting real patients.

What do we Offer?

  1. We equip practitioners and institutions with the skills and training to be able to provide the best healthcare possible. We do this by training healthcare professionals in the standard that a majority of hospitals in the United States use as a measure of excellence – the Joint Commission Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO). Aside from JCAHO we also train these healthcare professionals in Joint Commission International standards. These two courses make up the backbone of our entire training philosophy.
  2. We offer a curriculum that enables our trainees to keep up with industry standards. Through acculturation, the JCAHO “Best Practices” curriculum helps healthcare professionals to work at the levels demanded in the US, also helping to minimize their learning curve. With the shifting of paradigm and the knowledge that hospitals will want to hire JCI & JCAHO trained healthcare professionals, hospitals are now starting to require a background in JCI training and students are starting to see the need for this course.
  3. We provide an outlet for a more vibrant medical tourism in the country. The Philippine healthcare industry is modernizing in order to help the country with its medical tourism.
    Healthcare professionals that graduate from the JCI & JCAHO “Best Practices” course will soon find it much easier to get a job than it will be for healthcare professionals with similar qualifications, but without the JCAHO Best Practices Certificate.